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Stellarium Landscapes

(Skyscapes in the Peaks)



Skyscapes in the

Yorkshire Sculpture Park






Skyscapes in the Peak






Skyscapes above Wollaton







Skyscapes above Green's Windmill






Skyscapes above Sherwood Observatory (MSAS)













Astronomy in

the Classroom



One day Workshop run by the Faulkes Telescope Project coming soon

more info


Astronomy Activities




Three-dimensional stellar constellations








Cosmic Canvas


 application of 3D installation in Canadian outreach event:



Astronomy E-learning Tools (zip) 




Stellar Evolution - Low Mass


Stellar Evolution - High Mass






Astronomical Magnitude Scale 






Astronomy movies 





























Beyond Space: Physics and Motion Studies in Contemporary Art 03/06/2016

Simon Starling (Turner Prize 2005 Artist) in conversation with Daniel Brown and Matthew Chesney (BACKLIT) 



















8mm Orchestra - Live at NTU Observatory

















NTU observatory introduction















My favourite scientist - N. Pogson








Moon Talk




Trent Astronomical

Observatory Tour




Vikings and the Moon (Open Dome)

Moon Tales (Open Dome)

The Moon and the Animal Kingdom (Open Dome)



Making Aliens (Wendy - Holland)

(Workshop based on Family Open Dome)





Presenting NTU's workplacements, featuring the Astronomy and Science Outreach Assistant (CEI confrence 2011 - Warwick)













Archaeo-Astronomy Talks 

Theoretical Archaeology Group Meeting 2016


Skyscape Exploration: From Material Site to Apparent Non-Site and Back Again

















SEAC 2016

Skyscapes of Sacred Landscapes

Site Non-Site dialectic 
















Archaeo-Astronomy in Society

Supporting Citizenship in Schools Across Europe

(Presented at Science in Society conference Madrid, 2010) 


Part 1 and 2


































Proposed Seasonal Sundial

at Gardom's Edge

(Presented at SEAC conference Evora, 2011)

















Astronomy in the Park

Project and Impact

(Presented at NAM conference Manchester, 2012)



















TLES Hubble Data 


TLS hubble 656 3.fits 

TLS hubble 502 3.fits 

TLS hubble 469 3.fits  



Astronomy in the Park - Panel



Surprise View - October


Minning Low (PPT):






Arbor Low (Parsley Hay - PPT):







Original Image files:


Milky way cold dust herschel.tiff

plank artist impression.tiff


Herschel cut.tif



UKIRT fisheye image

Orion Nebula Image


ING telescope




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